GoldenPeat® is the trade name for the best quality and consistent Coco Peat (a.k.a. Coir Peat or Coir Dust or Coir Fiber Pith or Coco Coir) products from Sri Lanka, marketed and distributed by Serendib Global Inc, USA.

We offer a range of natural products manufactured from coconut husks that are used in horticultural applications.

Our story begins in 1996, with our founder, late Nihal Hettiarachchi and his beloved wife, now the current Chairperson of Serendib Green (Private) Limited of Sri Lanka, Dr. Sahida (Swarna) Hettiarachchi, starting their first manufacturing plant in the heart of the Coconut Triangle in Sri Lanka in collaboration with DIA Corporation of Japan. Ever since, Serendib Green has grown as a leading manufacturer and exporter of high quality, organic coconut husk based growing media solutions for professional growers around the world – from amateur gardeners to commercial greenhouses. With years of experience in the field of horticulture, Serendib Green has expanded its product range and has been continuously improving to meet the demands of its various customers in Asia and Middle East, predominantly from the markets in Japan, Israel, and Kuwait.

GoldenPeat® is our brand of Coco Peat, carefully selected and manufactured using the pith found between the fibres that gets washed, sun-dried, sieved to remove large particles, and graded at our facilities. Although coco peat is a popular product because it is environmentally friendly and sustainable, it can be hard to source quality coco peat products as it is dependent upon the processes used as well as the area where the coconuts are grown.

GoldenPeat® comes from the Coconut Triangle in Sri Lanka, where the best coconut crops are produced and is perfect for producing healthy food, beautiful flowers, and plants by improving agricultural practices, increasing crop yield, improving soil health, and reducing water consumption.

With operating 6 factories in Sri Lanka, we provide quality and eco-friendly products to any specification, anywhere in the world. We are vertically integrated from manufacturing to distribution with well-developed quality control practices in place.

Serendib Global Inc, USA is a subsidiary and the marketing arm of Serendib Green (Private) Limited of Sri Lanka, established in 2022, and is focused on the American and European markets for its GoldenPeat® product range for retail as well as wholesale. We are dedicated to making Coco Peat mainstream to ensure it is more accessible and affordable.

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