• Eco-Friendly:

    GoldenPeat® Coco Coir comes from a renewable resource, and every step along the way from soaking in water, to drying in the sun done in eco-friendly ways. GoldenPeat® Coco Coir is also reusable and doesn’t break down over time. Believe it or not, coco coir is a waste product, and repurposing it for planting greatly reduces waste from coconut farms.

  • Good for Root Growth:

    GoldenPeat® Coco Coir is light and airy. It gives the roots plenty of space to develop and grow, creating a very solid root system instead of a compacted root ball.

  • More Control:

    GoldenPeat® Coco Coir has no nutritional content. There are no different levels of sand, silt, or clay, there’s no decaying organic matter, there’s nothing to affect the nutrition your plants are being given. This means you have complete control over what nutrients you give your plants.

  • Introductory Step to Hydroponics:

    The basics of hydroponics is growing in water, so you have complete control over nutrients being fed to the plants. Planting in GoldenPeat® Coco Coir gives you that same control without having to buy or set up a hydroponic system or maintain it.

  • Water Retention:

    GoldenPeat® Coco Coir can absorb 10 times its weight in water. Retaining this much water means the growing medium won’t dry out as quickly, you can go longer between watering, and your plants are at less of a risk of suffering from dehydration.

  • Insect Repelling:

    Many plant pests avoid making a home in GoldenPeat® Coco Coir. This is because GoldenPeat® Coco Coir doesn’t have any decaying organic matter for the pests to feed off!

GoldenPeat® Coco Coir as a base for Growing Media

Effectiveness of coir on a soilless growing medium will depend on its source, how it was processed, and the percentage of coir used in the growing medium’s composition. Coir has a high overall porosity and an even higher water retention capacity than peat moss, and its porous and granular structure is physically similar to that of the latter. It has been demonstrated that GoldenPeat® Coco Coir can hold up to ten times its weight in water. Growing medium that contains a base of coir fibre can help in rooting and germination.

Some of the properties that make GoldenPeat® Coco Coir a suitable base for growing media include:

  • Excellent wetting and re-wetting capability. Coir does not have a waxy cuticle to repel water like peat moss, so it does not require a wetting agent. In fact, long term crops may not require a maintenance application of wetting agent.
  • Growing medium with coir does not shrink from the container walls upon drying, so water does not channel down the sides when dry growing medium is irrigated.
  • Coir has a high lignin to cellulose ratio and is more resistant to physical breakdown when handled and processed through horticultural equipment for filling flats and pots. It also has less shrinkage in growing containers over the life of the crop which is important for long-term crops.
  • Coir provides high air and water holding capacity within the container.
  • It has a slightly acidic to neutral pH range, so it does not require limestone for pH adjustment. The pH of coir ranges from 6.0 to 6.8, as compared to peat moss, for which the pH ranges between 3.5 and 4.8.